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Jobs for Vets Program aims to facilitate sustainable employment for post-9/11 veteransThe USA Cares Jobs for Vets mission is to reduce unemployment among post-9/11 veterans, particularly combat injured, Guard and Reserve. The Jobs for Vets program is unique from other similar programs in a number of ways:

  • First, USA Cares can provide financial support to qualified veterans to overcome financial roadblocks to employment. For example, if a veteran needs to travel to an interview—stay in a hotel during job training—even have a car repaired to get to the job, Jobs for Vets can and will help. Over $30,000 of this type of grant assistance has already been provided to eligible veterans.
  • A second unique feature of our program is the focus on career-building training and subsequent jobs. Each participating employer must offer training that leads to a certificate as a qualified electrician, plumber, pipefitter, etc. USA Cares’ employer partners are nationwide in scope and have a wide variety of jobs available for veterans. The third important difference is the screening process that characterized Jobs for Vets. Participating employers know that a veteran referred through Jobs for Vets is a veteran with an honorable discharge who has been engaged by our staff for the best possible guidance with respect to his or her job search.
  • USA Cares Jobs for Vets is funded by private donations. Veterans who qualify for disability benefits through the VR&E program and those with GI Bill eligibility enjoy the flexibility that their benefits afford. Other post-9/11 veterans may qualify for assistance directly related to obtaining employment.
APPLICANTS      EMPLOYERS*USA Cares Jobs for Vets program is open to all veterans. Financial assistance may be available for qualifying OIF/OEF.

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